Catrigg Force, Rye Loaf Hill & Kirkby Fell - Thurs 7th June 2007
Today's walk starts in the dales village of Stainforth and finishes a few kilometers down the road in the village of Langcliffe.

With one vehicle stratigically placed in Langcliffe our walk begins by crossing Stainforth Beck via the village stepping stones then heading south east up the lane towards Catrigg Force.

  The stepping stones in Stainforth
Catrigg Force

Here Stainforth Beck flows down through a steep sided ravine making this a very picturesque location.

Our next stop is Jubilee Cave, there are many caves around these parts.
  Gerry at the entrance to Jubilee Cave
This photograph was taken from the inside of Jubilee Cave a few years ago on one of my previous trips.
Our walk now takes us through the spectacular limestone scenary of Attamire Scar and Warrendale Knotts

Warrendale Knotts

Our next objective - Rye Loaf Hill with Stockdale Farm in the foreground
After a short but sharp climb we reach the summit of Rye Loaf Hill - 547mts. Penyghent can be seen in the distance.
With a short descent then ascent of around 40mts it is but a short trek to Kirkby Fell - 546mts
  Rye Loaf Hill as seen from Kirkby Fell
We descend north east from Kirkby Fell via Napper Cross to the Langscar Settlement where we turn west and take the long but good track back to Jubilee Cave and then on down to Langcliff

A lone tree on an outcrop of limestone rock

Stainforth Scar and Penyghent as seen from the road leading down to Langcliffe.

A very enjoyable, interesting and varied walk of around 10 miles with some excellant limestone scenary.