Addlebrough - Sun 27th Jan 2008
Addlebrough stands at 480m. An interesting flat topped hill with imposing crags to its northern and western flanks.

Today's walk starts from the small village of Thornton Rust in Wensleydale and finishes In Bainbridge some 10.5 km later

We follow the bridleway over Thornton Rust Moor for approx 2km until we reach a wall with a gate and stile.

  Addlebrough 480m as seen from Thornton Rust Moor
It was hard going walking into the westerley winds and before crossing the stile we stopped to photograph the grass that had been blown up and caught in the fence.
A new permissive footpath has been recently agreed with the land owners and the National Park Authorities and is not shown on the OS map, but have no fear as there is an abundance of signposts and markers as can be seen from the next shot.
Just follow the signs as the path leads us up onto the top right of the summit plateau and not along side the wall as you might think.

We then walked across the top to investigate a cairn we had spotted at the point where the walls meet.

It was in fact a magnificent culmination to the wall leading up from the south.

Penhill and Harland Hill can be seen in the distance.

We then walk back across the plateau to the summit proper

The remains of a bronze age cairn can be seen at its summit and although there is not much left a few cup marked stones can still be seen.

The original trig point which also once stood here has been relocated to try and avoid further destruction of the site.

  Addlebrough summit 480m. - overlooking Wensleydale.
The clouds were fleeting and we could hardly stand against the strong westerley winds.
We left the summit of Addlebrough, crossed a wall and headed down and around Hukermire Moss to gain the bridleway leading down to the small hamlet of Cubeck some 3km away where we stopped briefly for refreshments.

We then headed west through the meadows to access this gate which led us along past Worton Scar towards Brough Scar.

The view from Brough Scar to our final destination - Bainbridge.
Finally the waterfalls in Bainbridge.

An excellant and most interesting walk.

Distance approx 10.5km / 6.5ml.