Middlesmoor to Meugher- Wed 13th Feb 2008
Todays walk starts from the picturesque village of Middlesmoor,one of the highest settlements in the Yorkshire Dales.

A circular route of approx 17km taking in the summit of Meugher 575m.



Our route first follows The Nidderdale Way south east across Stean Gorge to the small hamlet of Stean, where we pick up a lane heading up towards Stean Pasture we then follow a path on to Moor House after which we join a good track that leads west up through the grouse butts onto Stean Moor.We leave the track where it crosses Backstean Gill and head northwest up to the summit of Meugher 575m.

Our return journey descends the ridge north east from Meugher heading over rough ground and peat hags to join the water catchment works and cross a bridge at the bottom that would look more at home on a motorway than in the hills! Still heading north east we follow the track down to High Riggs where we pick up the path heading east through Low Riggs and back to Middlesmoor.

  The Main Street in Middlesmoor
Heading west from Moor House towards the first shooting box on Stean Moor.
A little gruesome I know but this is Grouse country and the gamekeepers have to protect their eggs against hungry preditors like this poor Stoat caught in a trap.


Joke: -

Q.......What's the difference between a stoat and a weasel?

A........ A Weasel is weasily wecognised and a stoat is stoataly different

Seriously though a Stoat is slightly bigger and has a black tip on his tail.

We reach the summit of Meugher 575m.

The only clouds around today are the clouds of smoke created by the park authorities having a mass co-ordinated heather burning session,

Having left the summit of Meugher we make our way north east down the ridge over rough terrain.
We reach the bottom of the ridge and take time to explore the water catchment works built to divert water into the surrounding reservoirs. The concrete bridge as you can see looks quite out of place amonst the fells!
Final picture showing the smoke from the burning heather drifting across the fells. Middlesmoor can be seen on the ridge just right of centre picture.

A lengthy but interesting and enjoyable walk made easier in the main by good tracks.