Nine Standards Rigg - A walk with Bob & Gerry - Tues 31st March 2009
Today's walk starts and finishes from near the end of the road that runs east through the quarry from the village of Hartley near Kirkby Stephen, there is just enough room for a couple of cars at the point where the road finishes and the track starts.

Heading south east - no sooner do we get started than we find this unusual seat with the inscription "Rest a While" engraved in back - so thats just what we did!!


Photo by Gerry

The mist enveloped us as we began to climb east up Hartley fell, the path was well marked with cairns and route finding was not a problem.
After approx 2km / 1.24 mls we left the main path that runs along the wall and headed east to Faraday Gill.
The wooden bridge over Faraday Gill - complete with its own resident Grouse, who incedently only gave up his perch at the very last minute!
Still heading east over good tracks towards Nine Standards.
Then suddenly looming out of the mist like great giants they appeared before us.

Such a shame we couldn't get a decent photgraph we thought as we waited in vain hoping the mist might lift.

The sun was actually trying to break through as we eventually moved on to the trig point a little further to the south.

At this point some sensible people might have decided to head south west to pick up the good paths leading down to Nateby Common

Well not us dedicated peak baggers!

We had another little hill in mind by the name of Brownber Head - no more than a pin prick really, some 2km to the north east with only a spot ht. for a landmark!

In thick mist and featureless terrain we headed off into the unknown - good job we had our new GPS's with us!

We reached the top of Brownber Head 600m / 1969ft in thick mist which only cleared on the way down and this photo was taken on returning to the sheepfold.

Gerry left his stick behind at the summit and couldn't find it when we went back. It will remain one of lifes little mysteries!

The good news is we arrived back at Nine Standards Rigg as the sun started to come out!
We head off south west via Rollinson Hags reaching this old ruin where we catch our first glimpse of our next objective - Tailbridge Hill on Nateby Common.

We descend towards Dukerdale Pots following the wall around to the right until, at a suitable point we strike off directly to the summit

Todays walk marks the end of our quest to walk all the tops in the Yorkshire Dales.

Taken from an original list of 78 summits that Gerry and I set as a challenge, this walk and Tailbridge Hill sees the culmination of our task. We have walked them all now plus a few extra into the bargain, in fact we keep finding more and the list still grows.

A really great walk although I would cut Brownber head out if I did it again!


The summit of Tailbridge Hill 547m / 1795ft