Christmas in Hawes - Dec 23rd 2009 - 2nd Jan 2010
  We arrived at Brown Moor caravan park at Hawes on Wed 23rd Dec around lunchtime admidst a good covering of snow. It was a sunny afternoon but it had snowed the night before and the site wardens had been round with their lawn mowers (next best thing to snow plough's) taking the thickest off the roads and hardstandings on site.

The rest of the afternoon was spent setting the caravan up, erecting the awning and fitting the christmas lights

Imagine our surprise when we woke up next day to find another good covering of snow everywhere
The main entrance and reception was blocked!
So was the entrance drive from the main road!

A local tractor was commandeered and the site was soon open for business again!

Christmas day we were invited to a sherry morning at reception. It was a good opportunity to meet the site wardens who incidentally did a fantastic job: -

Gavin, Darrah, Ros & Iain

It was also a good opportunity to meet some of our fellow caravanners.

After numerous glasses of sherry somebody who shall not be nameless ("Paul" second from left in the picture) suggested walking into the village for a swift Christmas drink at the Crown.

Well that was it, we took no persuading and after a short walk disappeared through the door into the pub!

Approximately four hours and numerous pints of Theakstones Old Peculier later we emerged and staggered back to the caravan park!

Needless to say Christmas dinner was a little late in the afternoon!!

From that moment on the Crown played a big part in our Christmas at Hawes, its a great pub with roaring fires, great beer and excellent grub!

The Christmas lights along the main street and on the buildings made it really special.

The caravanners all did their bit too, decorating their caravans and awnings with Christmas lights
This is my favourite view of Brown Moor - looking down the site with St Margarets Church and Dodd Fell in the background.
The snow and ice had become so bad that we all lent a hand in clearing the road.

Richie seen here leaning on the shovel.

It was a great holiday made fantastic by the people we met during our stay

From left to right:-

Terry, Di, Dot, Paul, Ann and myself.