A Trip to Ladybower - A walk with Bob & Paul - Sunday 5th Sept 2010
Area: Upper Derwent Valley, Derbyshire  -  Distance: 15.5km / 9.6miles  -  Total Ascent: 580metres / 1900ft. Approx
Start/Finish: Ladybower A6013 - GR: SK 2025 8608 - Grade: Moderate, steep climb up Parkin Clough.

This is a circular walk starting with a steep climb to Win Hill, then a leisurely stroll as we descend past Wooler Knoll following the edge of the forest down to cross the River Ashop at Haggwater Bridge. We then climb again to join the path heading SE by the forest at Hagg Side, eventually we leave the edge of the trees behind and head across the meadows to reach the unmistakable summit of Crookhill, then we descend past Crookhill Farm to reach the road. An easy stretch of road walking now brings us back to our starting point.


Our walk starts from the parking area at the roadside on the A6013 between the dam head and the viaduct a little further north.

Ladybower Reservoir with Crookhill behind

We cross the head of the dam and turn left at the other side to follow the drive for about 300m until we reach this signpost marked: -

Touchstone Trail

We follow this for a short distance........



Until we reach the steep path leading up Parkin Clough


The climb up Parkin Clough is unrelenting but the path is good and the sunlight filtering through the trees feels very pleasant.


The signpost at the top of Parkin Clough points to the final leg of our climb to the summit of Win Hill (Winhill Pike)

  Winhill Pike 462m / 1516ft  

Leaving Win Hill we descend NW following the ridge to pick up the path running along the edge of the forest at Wooler Knoll.

A little further along the path meets with the old Roman Road at the ancient parish boundary guide post - Hope Cross

Hope Cross is situated on the col which separates Win Hill from Kinder and the Edale valley from the Ashop valley, it dates back to 1737

    Hope Cross with Losehill and the ridge to Mam Tor in the distance  

We pass through a gate and follow course of the Roman Road for a further 300m then pass through another gate turning right to pick up the path alongside the trees again.

After approx 500m we reach this gate leading into the forest, passing through the gate we descend into the forest.

As soon as we encounter a sharp right hand bend we branch off left onto another path which is rather indistinct at first but soon becomes apparent.


The path soon emerges at:-

Haggwater Bridge where it crosses the River Ashop.

Climbing now we first cross the busy A57 Snake Pass Road then pass by Hagg Farm and Hagg Coppice until we reach Woodcock Coppice.

Turning right we follow the path heading SE along the edge of the forest as it passes above Hagg Side.


Eventually leaving the trees behind at Bridge End Pasture we pass through the fields as we head for the unmistakable camel like humps that go to make up the twin summits of Crook Hill.

The first summit is the highest standing at 382m / 1253ft, the second summit which is sometimes referred to as Ladycrook Hill stands at a modest 374m / 1227ft.

    The walk to Crook Hill  

We leave Crook Hill descending via Crookhill Farm to join the road near the viaduct below Toadhole Cote.

The view looking across Ladybower to Lead Hill and Whinstone Lee Tor.


We follow the road for the remaining 1.5km walk back to the car.

This photo was taken from the viaduct near Ladybower House, it shows Winn Hill high on the left of the picture and Crook Hill on the right.

A very pleasant walk indeed!