Gragareth - A walk with Gerry & Bob - Saturday 29th Jan 2011
Area: Leck, Yorkshire Dales  -  Distance: 15km / 9.5miles  -  Total Ascent: 537metres / 1760ft. Approx
Start / Finish: Small parking area near Leck Fell House - GR: SD 67462 79015 - Grade: Moderate hillwalking

Our route today takes us from the small parking area near Leck Fell House to the summit of Gragareth via the impressive line of cairns guarding it's western flanks. Then onwards northbound to Green Hill and Great Coum before turning west for a spot of lunch on Crag Hill. After descending south to join Ease Gill we follow the stream as it meanders down the natural watershed between the hills, sometimes disappearing without trace into the limestone river bed then reappearing again further along. We follow the Gill for some 3km/2mls, often crossing from one side to the other to gain a better path. Ease Gill is quite precarious in places and great care should be taken at times! - I should know, I slipped and gashed my leg midway down! A few hundred metres before we reach Ease Gill Kirk a path climbs to the left through some boulders then follows a wall up through the pastures of Leck Fell to return to the small parking area.


The last couple of times that I had been on Gragareth the "Three Men" had been swathed in thick mist and hill fog so I was delighted this morning to be greeted by blue skies and sunshine!

The view of Gragareth from the parking area at Leck Fell House. SD 67462 79015


A short distance up the road we pass through this gate immediately turning right, climbing the hillside to join the first of the row of cairns.



This impressive looking pile of rocks doubles as a shelter as the next picture shows.


This is the place to be if it's blowing a gale!


These are the famous: -

"Three Men of Gragareth"

If you look carefully you will see another 3 cairns almost identical to these further down the hillside - we have named these:-

"The Three Ladies of Gragareth"


A short stiff climb brings us to the summit and trig point of:-

Gragareth 627m / 2057ft.


Great Coum and Crag Hill can be seen in the distance.



Having followed the wall northbound along the ridge from Gragareth to Gatty Pike and the slopes of Great Coum, we turn to admire the view towards Ingleborough.

Placing our backs to the sun again we finish climbing the hill and pass over a style in the corner of the wall, it is then a short distance to the rather insignificant pile of stones that mark the summit of:-

Great Coum 687m / 2254ft


Crag Hill 682m / 2238ft

Situated approx 1km to the west of Great Coum.


Having descended south from Crag Hill we join Ease Gill in it's upper reaches.


Everything is pretty much frozen up round here


Looking up the Gill


This old bridge is not marked on the map but signifies that we are almost at the end of our descent of the Gill.



We cross a stile then climb down a steep embankment to reach the bottom of the waterfall.

A deep pool if formed as the water disappears underground again.

  Numerous pothole line the side of the now dry stream bed  

After about 1 km and a few hundred metres before we reach Ease Gill Kirk a wall strikes off S.E. across the fell, we follow it back to the parking area.

The view back to Gragareth and Leck Fell House.


The sun was going down fast as we made our way across the pastures, Gerry reckoned that the reflection was from Morecambe Bay - I agree!

An absolutely cracking walk!!