Ingleborough - A Winters Walk - Sunday 5th Feb 2011 - A walk with Glen & Bob
Area: Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales  -  Distance: 17km / 10.5miles Approx.
Start / Finish: Clapham - GR: SD 74566 69183 - Grade: Moderate to hard in deep snow, some good paths and tracks

Clapham Church - Our walk begins!



We follow Clapdale Drive yet again for the couple of kilometers to reach Ingleborough cave



The bridge over Clapham Beck at Beck Head




Heading towards Trow Gill, a party of walkers in front.

  The ravine of Trow Gill is an impressive site at any time of year.  

Glen climbs out through Trow Gill


Fell Beck starts its life on the slopes of Ingleborough and dissapears down into the gaping chasm of "Gaping Gill" only to re-appear at Beck Head.



The cloud rolls in enveloping us as we are nearing the summit of Ingleborough



Ingleborough Summit - 723m


The cloud soons rolls of the summit again and after a suitable break for lunch we leave the shelter and head east descendind towards Penyghent in the distance.



A cloud bank is rolling in at low level from the west leaving the altostratus clouds higher in the sky.



On the way down and heading towards Long Scar.



Last look at Ingleborough, cloud still clinging on to the summit.


The route:-

Distance 17km / 10.5mls